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Headhunting for digital talent often works as if there was no digitization. With telephone, address book and personal contacts. Hire Digital Talent connects talents and companies in a truly digital way – with match-making algorithms based on artificial intelligence and maximum digitized processes. The result: better talent, faster and at a better price.

Intelligence makes the

Let our machine learning algorithms help you assembling your team.

Hire a digital talent for roles like

hire CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CTOs     
hire Senior Digital Managers     
hire Senior Digital Managers     
hire Lean & Agile Managers     
hire Business Intelligence     
hire Financial Managers     
hire Mobile Managers     
hire Digital Managers     
hire Startup Managers     
hire Business Analysts     
hire Project Managers     
hire Best Tech Recruiter

hire Co-Founders (Venture & Startup)   
hire Corporate Investment Managers   
hire Corporate Finance Managers  
hire Financial Model Managers  
hire Venture Capital Managers   
hire Fundraising Consultants   
hire Accelerator Managers   
hire Financial Managers   
hire Startup Managers   
hire FP&A Managers   
hire M&A Managers    
Der beste Headhunter für Digital & Tech

hire Sr. Engineers & Developers      
hire Data, ML & AI Scientists     
hire Java/.NET Developers      
hire Web/App Developers      
hire PHP & C++ Engineers      
hire SAP Sr. Consultants      
hire SAP Sr. Developers      
hire Sr. Scrum Master     
hire Cryptocurrency    
hire Growth Hacker    
hire IT Security   
hire Best Digital Headhunter

and many other digital and tech roles...


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