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We strongly believe to change the industry of headhunting and recruiting services into meaningful interactions and finally more fun and true matches between companies and candidates!

Today, hiring the right talent or respectively finding the right job is highly transactional. The monotonous search for talent, the infinite scheduling of interviews, and the repetitive screening of resumes are inefficient and exhausting. 

It is time for a change, a change that allows companies and candidates to focus on the relevant parts of the search, considering the perfect match based on purpose, skills & cultural fit. 

As experienced entrepreneurs with a strong digital DNA, we have worked with some of the top players in the industry. We have hired and worked with some of the best talent, built startups, accelerators, & disruptive technologies.

We are equipped with a powerful network of experts who graduated from top universities & institutions in business, technology & psychology!



What we do

We strongly believe, the most important factor in order to find the right talent is based on the candidate´s ability to identify with the vision & purpose of a company. That’s why we invest more time in connecting & closing in on the best fit rather than manually screen resumes for hard skills (which is done by our ai).

By using and continuously developing tools powered by artificial intelligence, we are able to eliminate inefficiencies while checking hard facts & dive through resumes automatically & filter for top digital talent.

Our artificial intelligence application is builded in a deep learning environment & uses over 1000 attributes from professional/intellectual, methodical, personal and social skills to determine the best match!

Per position to fill, we scan, identify & contact up to 500 potential candidates per day, screen them in detail and invite just the best 1% for further tests & interviews. After further assessment, we only propose the very best 2-3 candidates to our clients per week!

our matchmaking process

We are experts in our fields and bring the passion, willingness & skills to create the most advanced AI based recruiting company globally.

Robin R. S. Brohl


Previously worked @ Rocket


Thomas R. Koehler

Advisor (Digital)

Founder & CEO @ CE21 & expert for the future of work

Dr. Wolf Behrenhoff

Advisor (Tech)

Previously worked @ Cern

Together we form a highly performant team with deep knowledge & expertise.

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