Digitalization has turned just about every business upside down. From pizza delivery services to industrial plants – digital technologies are setting the tone everywhere today. Only in headhunting we still work as if digital technology had never existed. With telephone, address book and personal contacts.

We at Hire Digital Talent think it’s time to disrupt recruiting. Hire Digital Talent connects talents and companies in a truly digital way – with match-making algorithms based on artificial intelligence and maximum digitized processes. The result: better talent, faster and at a better price.

Hiring since 2007

Robin Brohl is the founder of Hire Digital Talent and knows how challenging it is to find the best talents for  digital initiatives. Born in Hamburg, he founded his first tech-based and data-enabled company in 2007 in cooperation with Dr. Wolf Behrenhoff, who is also tech advisor of Hire Digital Talent. Brohl studied at the University of Hamburg and completed his master’s degree at the renowned HHL in Leipzig. At Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer MediaMarktSaturn, he then identified and promoted digital entrepreneurs whose business models complement classic retailing. Before founding Hire Digital Talent, Brohl worked for Rocket Internet. Responsible for solving complex business challenges, he also needed to manage and to recruit the right people for the services, payments, risk as well as for the data, tech and SAP era.

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Robin R. S. Brohl


Previously worked @ Rocket

Dr. Wolf Behrenhoff

Advisor (Tech)

Previously worked @ Cern


Thomas R. Koehler

Advisor (Digital)

Founder & CEO @ CE21 &
expert for the future of work

Ohne Titel

Christian Bölling

Advisor (PR)

Founder @ HeldenMood
Previously HEAD OF CC @ MediaSaturn

Together we form a highly performant team with deep knowledge & expertise.

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